11mm Sandalwood Prayer Beads Bracelet 21-bead Red Elastic String

11mm Sandalwood Prayer Beads Bracelet 21-bead Red Elastic String
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Product Description

Natural Indonesian sandalwood bracelet with 11-mm beads on red elastic cord. Made with 21 round beads strung on virtually unbreakable 1mm thick elastic cord. Handcrafted in Indonesia, this sandalwood has a natural scent and a rich light brown color. The unique and beautiful scent is known to relieve stress and tension. The beads and string are water resistant. Perfect for men or women with average size wrists of up to 7.5 inches (19cms). Can be worn on larger wrists because of the elastic but it may be too snug for the beads to move freely. Care recommendations: We do not recommend wearing this wood bracelet in water or in the shower as the reaction to chemicals may cause the wood to dry out and lose its scent and possibly change it to a duller color.

11-mm Round Sandalwood Bracelet for Men or Women
Handcrafted from Scented Indonesian Sandalwood
Fits Comfortably on Wrist Sizes up to 7.5-inches (19cms)
Sandalwood Prayer Worry Beads Bracelet with Red Elastic
Comes in Small Silver Foil Gift box with Single Purchases
Item Code: TSS-21R11

Note: Due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in design and natural coloration's may occur with each item.

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