Large Exotic Oud Aloeswood Gaharu 12mm Bead Bracelet

Large Exotic Oud Aloeswood Gaharu 12mm Bead Bracelet
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Product Description

This beautiful handcrafted bracelet is made with the rare fungus infected roots of the fallen oud/aloeswood trees from the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. This unique large bracelet has a natural oud scent which emerges when the wood is crafted into beads. It is also called agarwood or gaharu in Bahasa Indonesia. Come in a gift box. Note: the aromatic scent may naturally dissipate with time depending on the effects the air or environment may have on it.

Large 12-mm bead bracelet fits wrists up to 8-inches
Has 17 beads and comes in small silver-foil gift box
On durable elastic string making it easy to put on and off
Unique natural scent
Aromatic wood from Indonesia gaharu (Oud or Aloeswood)

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