White Cotton Pleated Stitched Side Wall Kufi

White Cotton Pleated Stitched Side Wall Kufi
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Product Description

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Unique pleated-top solid color plain fabric kufis with stitched side walls. These light every-day use prayer caps have a 2.75-inch circle on the top with side walls. These kufis are lined with a thin white fabric with the sides lightly stiffened with interfacing. We currently offer 10 colors and 6 sizes, from kids to men's and even XXL.

Size Chart:
Kids 20 inches - 51 cm
XS 21.5 inches - 54.5 cm
S 22 inches - 56cm
M 22.5 inches - 57.2cm
L 23 inches - 58.5cm
XL 23.5 inches - 60 cm
XXL - 24 inches - 61cm
3XL 24.5 inches - 62cm
4XL 25 inches - 63.5cm

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