Hand-crafted Maroon Fez-style Kufi w/ Peak-top

Hand-crafted Maroon Fez-style Kufi w/ Peak-top
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Product Description

These exclusive handmade low-priced synthetic material fezs are an alternative to the felt fez-style kufis and have 4 metallic dots that are usually made in Czechoslovakia. They come in black, red, dark blue and dark brown and we carry several different sizes. The sides measure 2.75� (7cm) with a total height of 5� (12.7cm) to the peak.

S 22"(56cm)
M 22.5"(57cm)
L 23"(58.5cm)
XL 23.5"(60cm)
XXL 24"(61.5cm)
XXXL " (63.5cm)

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