Size 11 & Up Halal Camel Brown Leather Khuff Zipperless (Socks)

Size 11 & Up Halal Camel Brown Leather Khuff Zipperless (Socks)
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Product Description

Our high-quality leather khuff (khuffain for set) are hand-crafted in Pakistan from soft halal sheep and cowhides. This model is designed for easy slip-on without the zipper. It has elastic panels on both sides. Perfect to wear at the mosque, zawiyah, or tekke. Khuff is also commonly worn by the whirling dervish. In the Islamic sharia, khuff are used for tayammum and masah (wiping) over the feet with wet hands, whereas one can do masah over their leather khuff instead of removing them (disclaimer: please refer to your madhhab rulings for exact details). We have many sizes to choose from. Available in US shoe sizes (whole size numbers only) for men and women. For wide feet, it is generally preferred to get the next size up. Soft and comfortable! Easy to slip-on!

Camel Brown halal leather unisex khuff socks
Made with 2 Elastic Panels for Easy Slip-on
Offered in US sizes from 4-13 when available
A perfect gift to use at Mosque, Masjid or Zawiya
Soft & comfortable, for Masah and everyday use

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