Black Mumtaz Men's Shirt - Khamis

Black Mumtaz Men's Shirt - Khamis
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We now have an exclusive line of intricately embroidered khamees / kurta long shirts for men. These button up shirts will make a unique addition to your Islamic wardrobe. Beautifully embroidered on the chest, front of collar and sleeves. Complete with pockets on both sides. Made from a high quality cotton/rayon blend. Available in 5 colors. Please see the size chart below to choose your appropriate size. The kameez or qamis is a shirt of varying length. Garments cut like the kameez are known in many cultures. The "seamless shirt," woven in one piece on warp-weighted looms, was superseded in early Roman times by cloth woven on vertical looms and carefully pieced so as not to waste any cloth. 10th century cotton shirts recovered from the Egyptian desert are cut much like the kameez or the contemporary Egyptian Djellaba or Jellabiya. The word kameez is originally an Arabic word and is therefore also spelt with a Q, as in Qameez or Qamis.

- 50% cotton
- Exclusive embroidered Muslim Men's shirts
- High quality made in Indonesia
- Made from 50% rayon & 50% cotton
- Colors Available : White, Dark Blue, Dark Grey & Black (see our other listings).

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