Oud Tasbih Aloeswood 8mm 33 Bead with Tassel

Oud Tasbih Aloeswood 8mm 33 Bead with Tassel
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Product Description

This 33-bead tasbih is made from exotic Indonesian gaharu also known as oud or aloes-wood. It has a very mild pleasant natural scent. There is a 7 and 3-bead counter above the alif. The 3-bead counter can also be used as a marker. These are 8-mm beads with 5 mm bead counters. It has two beautiful copper-decorated black tassels. This model may not fit over all head size in order to be worn on the neck.

Natural exotic oud wood prayer beads
Strung on durable string with high craftsmanship
Unique exotic aloeswood from Indonesia
Comes in a gift box for US & Canada customers
Beautifully sculpted stops at the ends above the alif