Tall Red Fez Tradition Felt Tarboosh Kufi with Stem

Tall Red Fez Tradition Felt Tarboosh Kufi with Stem
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Product Description

Original design traditional tall felt hat made from 100% sheep wool with stem on top. This hat is made with a mold so it has an even 3mm thickness. It is perforated on the top in a 4-circle pattern to allow for ventilation. Each of the four circles has 24 pin-size wholes. The height is approximately 6.1-inches (15.5cm) and it tapers to an approximate 5.9-inch (15cm) diameter on the top. This felt is made to size but has slight give for comfort, being that is wool. The stem on the top sticks up 2-inches (5cm). Hight and top diameter will vary slightly to be in proportion with the hat size. Comes in a box. Please measure your head size correctly before ordering. This fez is NOT lined. This is a fine felt which is comfortable and will not irritate one’s skin.

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