Silver Square Large Adab Ya Hu Ring (1x1.5cm)

Silver Square Large Adab Ya Hu Ring (1x1.5cm)
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Product Description

A beautiful sterling silver ring with raised Arabic inscription. This is a unique limited edition ring that says ADAB YAA HU meaning: Etiquette O! Hu, Hu is the pronoun for Allah in this context. It is a reminder to always have proper manners or adab in Arabic or expressing that adab is one of the pillars of the path as the Prophet SAW said: Addinu adab kulluhu (the religion is all about adab).

- Elegant ADAB YAA HU sterling silver ring
- High quality die cast production with antique finish
- Several sizes available in limited quantities
- Beautifully designed shank about 3/16-inch bottom
- Face of the ring measures approx. 3/4 x 13/16-inch

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