Natural Indonesian Schoutenia Wood 8mm Islamic Prayer Beads

Natural Indonesian Schoutenia Wood 8mm Islamic Prayer Beads
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Product Description

This 8mm-bead tasbih is made from the Indonesian Schoutenia wood tree known as "wali kukun" in Bahasa Indonesia. It has a beautiful natural light brown color and is a medium-weight wood. Strung on virtually unbreakable woven nylon string, this tasbih will last you many years. Our prayer beads are uniquely designed so that one can adjust the tension to have your preferred amount of spacing between the beads. The inner diameter is of this tasbih about 29-inches (73 cm) so it fits easily over the head. The matching high-quality nylon light-brown tassels make it an elegant set of prayer beads.

High-quality adjustable tension tasbih
Has a 10-bead counter and space marker
Features 2 matching brown tassels
Natural color beads - no coloring used
Comes in a 2x4 silver-foil gift box
Item Code: TSU-9E8M1

Due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in design and natural colorations may occur with each item.

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