Med. Round-bead Natural Color Yellow Citrus Wood Tasbih

Med. Round-bead Natural Color Yellow Citrus Wood Tasbih
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Top quality wood and workmanship. Beads naturally vary slightly in color. These high quality prayer beads are carefully crafted with a hand operated lath and assembled by a small family-owned business rather than mass-produced in a factory or assembly line. Stigi or Setigi wood (known in English as Iron wood) is well-known in Indonesia and south-east Asia for it is density, durability and beauty. Has black tassels decorated with copper wire. Virtually unbreakable string with adjustable tension. This is a natural wood, prayer beads may vary in color and not exactly as shown. Some wooden beads are slightly lighter in color.

-Two beautiful matching tassels
-1 bead spacer
-2 dividers at each 33 bead section
-Durable string with adjustable tension
-Bead size: 8mm
-Extra 10-bead counter
-Length: to the tip of the imam 41cm (16-inches) which is approx. 28" total diameter so it goes easily over the head
-Item Code: TSC-9Y8R1
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