Unique Hight Quality Red Fine Australian Felt Fez Kufi

Unique Hight Quality Red Fine Australian Felt Fez Kufi
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Red fez hat made from 100% premium Australian wool. These soft fez kufi are hand-made from wool felt and have been popular for many years. They are pliable yet somewhat stiff so that they can be worn with a turban while holding its shape. Often worn in North Africa and parts of the Middle East, this kufi hat is perfect for formal and casual situations. Since these Muslim Kufi hats are crafted from pure wool died and shaped with a mold, they are not available in large quantities. Comes packed in a box.

Pure 100% wool felt
Hand-made Kufi
Soft Moroccan fez-style kufi
Rigid enough for a turban
Short 1/2 inch tip on the top
Item Code: KFW-TPAM1

Care recommendations: Dry-clean only.

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Care recommendations: Dry-clean only.
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